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Badrinath Chardham Yatra

Located in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand, Badrinath is popularly known as the holy town. A Sanskrit name, Badrinath is named after an Indian tree – Jujube tree. Known as one of the pilgrimage sites- Badrinath is a part of the chardham yatra.

The chardham yatra is considered highly auspicious and a must-visit by the Hindus at least once in their lifetime. The chardham sites include– Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri, all of which lies in the foothills of Himalayas. As each of the chardham yatra sites has it’s own legendary and history, how the four sites are circuited together is still unknown.

The badrinath chardham yatra was re-established in the 7th century as a chardham yatra by Adi Shankara. The badrinath chardham yatra is a long stretch of journey through the hilly terrain. People like sadhus and others are dedicated and walk miles taking the strenuous journey to the Badrinath Temple.

The Badrinath Temple is the center of attention in the town. It is the Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is considered saintly by the Hindus as they believe the statue is a self-manifested statue of Lord Vishnu. As a part of the chardham yatra, the Badrinath Temple is a part of the five related Vishnu shrines called Panch Badri.

While visiting badrinath chardham yatra, the Mata Murti ka Mela is considered as a prominent festival. It begins with the descent of river Ganga on mother earth. The festival is celebrated in a huge way with people visiting it from all corners of the country and world.  Celebrated for eight days, you even witness artists and celebrities visiting the holy land. Several godly and religious activities are performed during the eight days in the temple. The blessings are divine and all rituals are performed in front of all the devotees.

The badrinath chardham yatra or badrinath temple is open for six months every year (from the end of April until the beginning of November), and it closes in winter months. On the last day of the temple visit, the temple is closed with the lighting of the Akhanda Jyoti. The lamp is filled with ghee and is kept to light for six months until the next opening. The sight is delightful and thousands of devotees and pilgrims gather on the first day of the temple opening to witness the Akhanda Jyoti.

The badrinath chardham yatra is considered one of the holiest places, and pilgrims visit the temple to worship the Lord and take a dip in the holy water of the Alaknanda river. This sanctified dip in the holy river purifies the soul.

While thousands of devotees visit the devout land of Badrinath, visiting the land might seem slightly difficult and challenging. However, over the years, the infrastructure and provisions for badrinath chardham yatra have improved. Connectivity to Badrinath through roads and also an entry from nearby border areas has been improved.

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Badrinath to/and Kedarnath darshan Tour Packages

Badrinath tour package from Delhi – (04 Nights + 01 Overnight Journey / 06 Days)

Panch Badri from Haridwar – 07 Nights 08 Days

Trip to Badrinath – Golden Temple – Ayodhya – Naimisharanya temple from Haridwar – 08 Nights 09 Days

Ek Dham Badrinath Dham From Haridwar- 03 Nights 04 Days

Do Dham Trip to Kedarnath- Badrinath-Yatra from Haridwar – 04 Nights 05 Days

Teen Dham Gangotri to Kedarnath to Badrinath trip from Haridwar – 07 Nights 08 Days

Do Dham Badrinath and to Kedarnath Yatra from Haridwar – 05 Nights 06 Days

Badrinath Yatra – Golden Temple – Ayodhya – Naimisharanya Misrikh temple From Delhi – 09 Nights 10 Days

Panch Badri Yatra From Delhi – 09 Nights 10 Days

Ek Dham Badrinath Darshan from Delhi 05 Nights 06 days

Kedarnath & Badrinath India Tourism From Delhi 07 Nights 10 Days

General Information on Trip to Badrinath Trip India Tourism:

Climate in Badrinath Dham India:

Summer – Maximum of 17.9° C and Minimum of 5.9° C,

Winter – Winters are usually snowed in from December to March with minimum subzero freezing temperature.

Best Season for visiting Badrinath:

From opening to closing, generally from April to November.

What to wear on Trip to Badrinath:

Heavy woolen garments required throughout.

 About Badrinath Dham Tourism:

Badrinath Dham India is dedicated to the devotion of Lord Vishnu. According to a hilarious story, Lord Vishnu usurped this place from Shiva. Vishnu once came to this place to offer penance. He fell in love with the place so much that he planned to unseat Shiva. He appeared as a beautiful child and began to wail. Shiva’s wife, Parvati, picked him up but could not sooth the child. His weeping continuously disturbed Shiva, he shifted from Badrinath to/and Kedarnath in frustration, leaving the place empty for Vishnu to occupy. Legend also say that, when the Ganga was requested to come down to earth to help the pain of humanity, the earth was not capable of holding the strength of its fall. Therefore, Ganga was divided into 12 sacred channels. Alaknanda was one of them that later became the abode of Lord Vishnu or Badrinath.

The Badrinath temple is one of five associated shrines called Panch Badri that are devoted to Lord Vishnu.

Things to see on Trip to Badrinath Darshan Trip Tour Package:

On your Trip to Badrinath Dham, make sure you add following places to your Badrinath darshan Tour Package for a divine experience on Badrinath trip/tourism:

Panch Dharas, Panch Shilas, Tapt Kund, Narad Kund, Brahama Kapal, Sheshnetra, Charanpaduka, Neelkanth, Mata Murty Temple, Mana Village, Vasundhara, Bhim Pul, Vyas Gufa (cave), Alka Puri, Sato Panth, Arwatal

Hotels in/at Badrinath / Badrinath Hotels:

Badrinath Hotels
List of Hotels in/at Badrinath:

  • Hotel Narayan Palace
  • Hotel Nanda Guest
  • Hotel Alaknand
  • Manav Kalan Ashram
  • Bholagiri Ashram

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How to reach Badrinath to/and Kedarnath Dham:

Air: Nearest airport is a Jollygrant, 314kms.

Rail: Nearest railhead is Rishikesh, 297kms. which is linked to major cities like Howrah, Mumbai, Delhi & Lucknow by rail.

Road: Badrinath is accessible by a motorable road with Rishikesh, Kotdwar, Dehradun, Hardwar and other hill stations of Garhwal. Some main road distances are Delhi (518Kms), Joshimath (42Kms), Hardwar (321 Kms), Gopeshwar (9106 Kms).